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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), SEO Experts, Web Promotions - Bangalore, India


Search Engine Optimization will help you:

•  Improve sales
•  Increase online traffic
•  Dominate your competition
•  Lower marketing costs
•  Broaden market share

Search Engines use intelligent techniques to index websites. These techniques keep changing. Only an expert can keep track of the changes. Our SEO specialists do a lot of research, understand the methodology, and learn the technique of optimizing your site so that it appears in the first result pages of search engines.

Our Approach

Initially, the website will be reviewed in every aspect possible. It will be analysed for its current standings, compared with competitor sites, and the areas where the site lacks in ranking will be removed. Finally, it will be put under constant monitoring to ensure that the navigation is suitable for the SE robots.

After identifying the necessary changes, we will incorporate these changes within the site. We will also provide information on how we handle optimisation and demonstrate the work carried out.

We study the search terms used by your target audience to find your industry, select the most appropriate and traffic converting keywords and phrases, and then use these keywords to create content for your website. We will add Meta tags, Title Tags, Header Tags and Embedded Tags wherever necessary and also optimise body tags. The contents of the site will be reviewed and we will instruct clients if any content changes are required. We will prepare the suggested content, including keyword rich content to make the site 'SEO friendly'. Finally, we will undertake a Link building campaign in order to increase the site link popularity. Here reciprocal links with relevant sites will be generated.

Below are the levels or phases of SEO activities we conduct:

•  In-depth Client Website Analysis

•  Competitive SEO Analysis

•  Keyword Analysis

•  Keyword Evaluation

•  Suggested Keywords

•  Possible Keywords

•  Optimisation of Title and META Tags

•  Home Page Optimisation

•  Submission

•  Search Engine Submission

•  Directory Submission

•  Paid Inclusion

•  Sitemap Building

•  Linking Campaign

•  Review of campaign & Ranking Report.

•  Search Engine Optimisation Review

•  Search Engine Ranking Reports

We optimize your website to not only appeal to your target audience, but also to make it search engine friendly. We ensure that your site gets highly focused traffic that leads to higher conversions and improve sales.

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