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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services India, Professional SEO Services - India

Avail the cost advantage by outsourcing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) jobs to Indo-Fuji, India.

Indo-Fuji, with offices in India, UK and Japan, offers professional SEO services to clients worldwide. We have the skills and use the latest and proven technology to optimize your websites.

Our SEO experts keep track of the changing SEO trends and continually update on the techniques to achieve high rankings for websites. We discuss your needs in detail and follow a SEO process to get the results you are looking for.

Step 1: Keyword Research and Prioritization

A successful SEO program requires a step-by-step process to gather and prioritize your keyword phrases. These keyword phrases should reflect an understanding of the needs of your customers and the phrases they would use to find your products or service.

Step 2: Search Engine Compatibility Review

Our team at SEO, India will review your website and each key content page to determine how well it is complying with the various search engine algorithm attributes.

We analyse the following key issues

  • Algorithm Compliance
  • Search engine crawl ability
  • Navigation Structure
  • Site Programming and Coding
  • Content/Keyword Density
  • Link Popularity

- We check if there are any major issues that could negatively affect the SEO campaign.
- We identify any navigation and spider trail related problems and define a proper Navigation Structure.
- We review the programming and coding structure to determine if it is search engine friendly and does not hinder spider crawling.
- We review the site content and check if the content available represents the client’s primary keywords and phrases.
- We will review the number and quality of links provided in your site and their respective page ranks. Many search engines give credit to sites that are linked to other well-linked and informative sites.

Step 3: Site and Page Optimization

Once the above review is completed, a detailed set of recommendations to make the site compliant will be developed as well as specific instructions on how to make the changes to the site an specific pages.

SEO, India team will work with your development and marketing team to implement the changes to the site or we can make the changes directly to the pages for you.

Title Tag Optimization - One of the most critical elements of search engine optimization is the development of unique and keyword centric title tags. Title tags act like the title of a book and define the content on a specific web page. There are a number of key concerns when dealing with these tags that can have an immediate and significant impact on the ranking of a web site.

Meta Tag Optimization - While Meta tags have lost much of their influence on rankings, the Meta description is still important with smaller engines and in cases where there are heavy graphics on the site.

Content Optimization – We ensure the content has good density of the selected keyword/key phrases. The content will be re-written to make it appealing to your potential customers and search engines.

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